2017 Finalists

The Western Australian Police and Your Call have announced the top ten finalists for the 2017 Your SAY, Your Call student film competition. Students across WA were given the challenge to create a short film that addressed the negative effects of drugs and/or alcohol on youth mental health. We received many creative entries this year. Each entrant should feel very proud of their effort.

Each of the top ten films will be screened at the Your SAY, Your Call Awards Ceremony on 17 August, 6pm at Hadley Hall, Methodist Ladies College. For more information or to RSVP click here.

The overall winner will win the chance to experience working on a professional film set with the WA Screen Academy.

Please click here to RVSP and reserve your seats for the ceremony.

Your SAY, Your Call 2017 Finalists in alphabetical order:

School: Cornerstone Christian College
Title: Untitled
Entrants: Eloise Atikinson, Martha Cohen and Lauren Lindsay.
Teacher: Andrew Cleaver

cornerstone eloise


School: Cornerstone Christian College
Title: Untitled
Entrants: Fred Tully and Lachlan Webb
Teacher: Victoria Carpentier and Andrew Cleaver

fred and lachlan


School: Cornerstone Christian College
Title: Your Life is Worth Living
Entrants: Ally Vocisano
Teacher: Andrew Cleaver



School: Cyril Jackson Senior Campus
Title: Dead Line
Entrants: Alexander Andrew Mhawira, Ben Randall and Mingho Tong (Bryan)
Teacher: Anne MacDermott

deqad end


School: Great Southern Grammar, Albany
Title: Someone’s Always Listening
Entrants: Millicent Boetel, Renuka Raven and Kye Paunich.
Teacher: Nicole Spanbroek

someones always listening


School: Great Southern Grammar, Albany
Title: Think Before Your Drink
Entrants: Kiara Carter, Kona Guillespie and Rory Bull-Tanish
Teacher: Nicole Spanbroek

think before you drink


School: Iona Presentation College
Title: The Loop
Entrants: Shalia Govender and Sierra Vander-Vinne
Teacher: Thomas Norman

the loop


School: Kennedy Baptist College
Title: Wasted Life
Entrants: Aron Attiwell
Teacher: Justin Markham

wasted life


School: John Calvin Christian College
Title: Temporary Fun with Permanent Consequences
Entrants: Jonathan Numan and Lucas Bergsma
Teacher: Phil Houweling

john calvin


School: John Forrest Secondary College
Title: Regret
Entrants: Si Wei Lin, Christian Ho, John Slabbert, Pubudu Ediriweera, Alex Ivanov and Kennedy Mikuti.
Teacher: Eric Larson



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